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Welcome to Upmyt

Connecting Creativity: Join Our YouTube Family

Upmyt is a social platform and the world's first community of YouTubers, completely free, designed to increase video views on YouTube in a real and organic way. With Upmyt, content creators can connect their YouTube channels, earn Coins by interacting with other members' YouTube videos, and use these coins to promote their own content. The active community and mutual support foster authentic and meaningful growth.

How does Upmyt work?
Upmyt functions as a platform that promotes organic growth of YouTube videos through interaction among content creators. Here's how it works:

  • Association with YouTube channel: Creators link their YouTube channels to the Upmyt platform.
  • Earning Coins: Users earn Coins by engaging with other members' videos, watching them for a certain period.
  • Video promotion: The Coins earned can be used to promote their own videos on the platform, thus gaining more visibility.
  • Mutual support: Upmyt promotes an active and collaborative community, where creators support each other by watching, commenting, and sharing each other's content.
  • Organic growth: Thanks to genuine interaction and mutual support within the community, videos gain real and authentic views, contributing to channel growth on YouTube.

In summary, Upmyt provides YouTubers with a space where they can connect, gain visibility naturally, and support each other to achieve success on their channels.

What are Coins?
Coins are the virtual currency used on the Upmyt platform. They can be earned through various activities, such as watching other users' videos or participating in the Weekly Bonus. Coins can be used to promote your videos on Upmyt, thus increasing views and engagement on your YouTube channel.

How long does it take to get views on my YouTube videos?
We want to clarify that Upmyt does not sell YouTube views. The platform operates through a Coins system, which users can earn by watching other community members' videos or purchase to promote their own content. The views you get are generated by real users of the community who choose to watch your video. However, the time it takes to get views depends on the participation of other members. Upmyt does not use bots or automated systems to generate fake views, ensuring that all views are real and compliant with YouTube metrics.

Are the views real?
Yes, views on Upmyt are completely real and organic. The platform promotes an environment where users share and view their videos authentically. Views are generated by other community members who voluntarily choose to watch other users' videos to earn coins or mutual support. Upmyt does not use bots or automated systems to generate fake views, ensuring that all views are authentic and compliant with YouTube metrics. Additionally, you can verify the authenticity of views through the analytics of your video on YouTube, where each view will be recorded.

Can I control my sponsorship campaigns on Upmyt?
Yes, you can control your sponsorship campaigns on Upmyt. Users have the ability to monitor the status of their video campaigns directly from the platform. Just access the "My Videos" section, from here you can view the details of ongoing campaigns, including sponsored videos, the number of views obtained, and the overall campaign performance. This allows users to manage their promotion strategies effectively and optimize the performance of their videos on YouTube.

Is the Upmyt platform free?
Yes, the Upmyt web platform is completely free. Users can access all the features offered by the platform at no cost. Upmyt provides YouTubers with a unique opportunity to increase the views of their videos in a real and organic way without having to pay any subscription or fee. The platform's freeness allows a larger number of content creators to benefit from its features, thus contributing to the growth and diversity of the community.

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