About us

Upmyt was born from an idea of an Italian guy called Piergiorgio, an active creator on Youtube, to satisfy a common need of all YouTubers: increase views of their YouTube videos. Based on this need, it has been decided to create a platform capable of putting different Youtubers in touch with the same goal.

Over the months, our team has expanded with young talents and experienced guides. Daniele and Emilio put Piergiorgio's idea into practice creating an internal algorithm to promote videos, studying and implementing a virtual currency, and so on, up to the realization of the platform that is currently online.

Today Upmyt is considered a real community for all YouTube creators also called YouTubers, with hundreds of videos published every day. Upmyt takes all the necessary steps to meet the requirements of Youtube, all this has allowed us to get Youtube approval.

Currently on Upmyt, you have the ability to publish your Youtube videos and promote them on our platform, you can choose how many coins you want to use to promote your videos, and finally, you can earn coins simply by watching videos published by other users. As a logical consequence, all of this will increase the visibility of your videos and Youtube channel.